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Make their day special... and profit throughout the year with Birthday Prospecting.

Your restaurant can turn one special day into a year of profit with the highly effective Birthday Prospecting System. According to the National Restaurant Association (NRA), 8 out of 10 people will dine out around their birthday, making this highly profitable, yet often ignored, niche target market an easy revenue stream. However, the process of collecting birthdays tableside or online has traditionally been a laborious struggle.... and that's only if the customer has been to your restaurant already.

Why is Birthday Prospecting So Effective?

  • Ultra Effective - Proven results have been measured with hundreds of restaurants; both large and small, national chains and sole proprietors. Depending on your order and guest check average, you can expect $3 to $5 back on every $1 spent every month.
  • Highly Profitable - Customer reports have shown a 33-37% increase in the average guest check from birthday visits.
  • Competitive Advantage - Since a person's birthday is their most important day of the year, the businesses that recognize a person on their special day earn their patronage.
  • Prioritized Event - People with upcoming birthdays visit their mailbox frequently and with great anticipation looking for special messages, family cards and promotions. Your card will get noticed.
  • Extremely Cost Effective - Leverage the buying power of FSA and get over 30% off retail prices through At Your Service. Trial packages start at only $300!

Now Birthday Prospecting makes attracting this highly profitable birthday parties as simple as 1-2-3!

Step 1 - You Choose Your Prospects: Using Birthday Prospecting's consultative diagnostic process, they will help you identify your best responding customers then match that profile around your restaurant with their birthday database of over 250 million U.S. consumers so you get the best response every single month. Stop collecting birthdays... they already have them!

Step 2 - They create Your Entire Campaign: You will be assigned a team of professional graphic designers and direct response marketers to construct your campaign to maximize results. From design of your personalized postcard to automated monthly delivery to the birthday recipient's mailbox. The results will be a campaign proven to generate response rates 16 times the national industry average, giving you $3 to $5 back on every $1 invested.

Step 3 - Your Postcards are Mailed Automatically: Birthday Prospecting will mail your highly personalized postcards to all the upcoming birthdays to arrive by the 1st of your prospects' birthday month. They manage the entire process so you can focus on taking reservations. It is completely automated!

If you would like to be contacted by Birthday Prospecting to get started or learn more, please click onĀ Request More Info and a sales representative from the company will be in touch with you within one business day.